Friday, March 12, 2021

Geographic's of Indian Subcontinent

 A Random Thought  

A Raw Sweet & Smelly fact : India as a Nation, a political construct came into existence only in 1947. 

British Crown could relinquish political suzerainty over 60% of subcontinental landmass, the rest being 565 "nations' now euphemistically called "princely states"-yellow areas in Map. 

Attributing the political social and cultural events of the subcontinent to Indian Nation of today is the biggest fudge in communications - in many cases "motivated".  

Monday, February 8, 2021

Faith in Judiciary (?)

 Faith in Judiciary

Munawar Faruqui repeated the stock phrase of "faith in judiciary" after being released (reluctantly) from jail after 38days.  

Will the UP Police arrest him now? Against an FIR filed in May 2020? 

"We the People" don't have resources to appeal to Supreme Court. The citizen therefore must be able to say " I have faith in Police/Administration" so that s/he is not stuffed into jail frivolously/ or for any naughtiness. 

If taken into custody, must never be more than 15 days within which preliminary charges must be made-and be tried. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dance of Democracy

Dance of Democracy - Next Act - Rajasthan  

The Madhya Pradesh Act has just reached its decrescendo with Aaya Ram's getting their well-deserved Tonnes; the ruffled feathers settling down.
But a decrescendo is no fun in these COVID-19 times.  

A brand new Act in Rajasthan has commenced!  

The Ruling party, it's dissidents, the Gaya Ram's, Speaker, the High Court, the Supreme Court and the Governor are all adding their bit to the orchestra being played for the entertainment of, nay the "benefit' of Rajasthani peoples. 
The issues raising the heat' are 'inner party democracy' powers of 'high command', legislators' right to dissent or defect, and above all the money-power in politics. 

Judiciary is now expected to bring some "light" 
The "People" have no place in this 'for the people, of the people and by the people" orchestra; which of the 'Peoples' Representative' will snatch the how much of the Power (read 'moolah'-Tax money?)   

Mahatma Gandhi fretted in 1940's that the democratic " institutions of governance will over time become anti-people" in  India. (And we are largely there).   

Will this be a seminal moment in the 35 year long debate on the "aaya ram gaya raam" phenomenon /feature of our political life?    
Interesting times !